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David Perry

New Hanover County School Board

I hold a bachelor of arts in history, a masters in education, and several years of experience as an educator. The way to improve the quality of education in our county is to get back to the basics and end the wasteful non-sense. We need individualized education without political indoctrination. Once elected, I’ll set course on policy so our kids will exceed the standard and graduate knowing how to read, write and think critically. Vote for me, David Perry, for NHC School Board.

Dedicated to each individual student and their academic success!

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David Perry’s Blog

Free Breakfast for All – The Whole Story

Our school district recently implemented a free breakfast program for all the school district's 25,000 students. Mr. Perry reveals the hidden costs behind this unsustainable socialist program and urges the school board to think outside of the box when it comes to the issue of student hunger.

WECT – Carolina in the Morning Interview

Following my primary election victory, I sat down with Kim Ratcliff the next morning on WECT's Carolina in the Morning show. I think the interview went well. I hope you think so too!

Rehauling our Out-of-School Suspension Policy

At the March 12, 2024, school board meeting I addressed the need to totally rehaul our school district's suspension policy and called for an all-day workshop to address the issues at-hand.

Proven Patriot

I am a staunch Constitutional Conservative. I have a history of fighting vigorously for our individual and constitutional rights. You can count on me to continue that advocacy once I am elected to the school board.

Committed Conservative

Like the great President Reagan, I believe in a small government that protects individual rights and preserves the American Dream for all of its citizens. I will fight vigorously for academic excellence in our schools, that will untap the potential of every individual student.

Independent Innovator

My fellow Republican school board candidates all bring something positive to the table. However, as a problem solver and independent innovator, I am uniquely qualified to serve on the New Hanover County Board of Education. Learn why...

Doing Right by Mosely Academy Students

Doing right by current Mosely students should not be a partisan endeavor. It's just the right thing to do. I support at least keeping the Mosely Academy open long enough so that all current Mosely students can graduate.

Eradicating DEI from our School District

As a Christian I believe that every human being is made in the image of God and is equally loved by him. The goals of diversity and inclusion are noble enough. But these virtues will only come through natural means and a shared vision. They won't come from DEI programs that divide us.